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South Bend Indiana
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We are committed to helping the community of Michiana including South Bend,
being involved in area events, to make this the best Community to live in.

Our goal is simply to provide South Bend Indiana the best window cleaning service at the
most competitive price. We wash windows for all types of facilities here in South Bend,
specializing in store front window cleaning, high rise buildings,  restaurants, residential,
retirement homes and all other window washing  complexes. There Is no building or home
that is too big or too small.

We have offered our window cleaning service to South Bend for 26 years. Our reputation
For making homeowners happy and our clean-cut staff has made us a local favorite
For our residential window cleaning

Franchise owned window cleaning companies are overpriced and they come and go,
but we are here for you, to offer the peace of mind and satisfaction of clean windows.

Window Washing in South Bend Indiana is affordable and professional. Founded in 1988
The Cleaning Crew - 419.265.6334 - has been providing window cleaning services in
South bend and all of Michiana.  Click her for a  Free Quote.

All of our window cleaning is guaranteed - if you are not happy, we won’t charge!

We will customize a window cleaning service to meet your needs.

The Cleaning Crew provides high quality window washing to businesses in and around the
South Bend Indiana area, and we are a local company.

We would be happy to work with your South Bend area Indiana company to determine
Your unique window washing needs.

To the South Bend area companies that have had a part in making us who we are - we
want to express our deep gratitude to you.

We want to be the areas local window cleaning company of choice for South Bend

Contact us for a free quote. 419.265.6334   

Our Pledge and Commitment to South Bend
South Bend Window Cleaning